The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool: Whispers in Black Willow (Book One) SIGNED COPY

 Dylan Klaypool’s dark history has her searching for answers that can  only be found down a single path: paranormal investigation. Battling  demons from her past, the high school junior’s obsession with proving  the existence of ghosts has become the only consistent aspect of her  troubled life. Now living with her estranged grandmother in a new town  and attending a new school, Dylan’s focus has not wavered. And the  boarded up, abandoned house she discovered on Cemetery Road might hold  the key that can unlock the secrets that have long haunted her.

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The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool: Shadow Summoner (Book Two) SIGNED COPY

 Just as Dylan Klaypool gains control over her demons, the darkness from  her past again wraps its grip around her. More determined, the evil  presence that robbed Dylan of her innocence attacks once more. Only this  time, instead of on her, the Shadow Man has its sights on someone else…  One of the important people in Dylan’s life. Relying on her paranormal  investigating skills, Dylan attempts something unbelievable:  communicating with the dark entity that destroyed her life.Why has the  Shadow Man resurfaced? What binds it to Black Willow Creek? And just who  is the Shadow Summoner?The award-winning series "The Haunting of Dylan  Klaypool" returns with a fast-paced and thrilling sequel, "Shadow  Summoner". 

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Forevergreen - SIGNED COPY

 The first day of seventh-grade brings news that sends fear through the  entire student body: the new girl is missing. The once-innocent halls  now harbor echoes of broken relationships, secret romances, invasive  police officers, and the question asked with glances and whispers: What  happened to Sissy Daniels? The trees behind Lakewood Pines Middle School  hold deep, dark secrets… 

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